Event - Year 5 Technology Day

26 June 2014

Year 5 pupils were thrilled to take part in a free technology event at St Paul's School for Girls, Edgbaston. The day was interactive in nature, with pupils accessing three areas of the design curriculum – food, textiles and product design.

In food technology, pupils made pastry-based tarts, choosing their own toppings and then 'testing them' whilst still warm.

Product design saw each child make a pressure touch torch with LED and consider the world of design and how it influences all our lives.

Everyone made a finger puppet in textiles, enjoying the array of fabric and accessories available to work with.

St Paul's School is a beautiful site, located next to Edgbaston Reservoir. It was a stunning, sunny day and it was lovely to explore the gorgeous school grounds as well as experiencing a secondary school canteen!

The day was concluded with a visit to the school chapel to give thanks for the many blessings we receive.