Event - Year 3 Archaeologists at the Museum

4 December 2014

On 4th December 2014 Year 3 became archaeologists for the day at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

They learned how to dig carefully for treasure using trowels and brushes and cleaned up their treasure using water and very small brushes. They also re-enacted the finding of the Staffordshire Hoard using metal detectors! The teaching session was excellent and they found out a great deal about the methodical nature of archaeology work.

In the afternoon, they looked around the Art Gallery and chose their favourite paintings. Finally they went into the Staffordshire Hoard room and were right up close to real Anglo Saxon gold and beautiful treasures.

Adelle said, "It was an amazing experience and I liked doing the metal detecting."

Henry said, "I liked digging up treasure in the sand and cleaning the replica treasure."