Event - World Cup Celebration

9 July 2014

We have loved developing our skills, knowledge and understanding in foundation subjects this year through a whole school thematic topic approach and our final topic did not disappoint!

The creative curriculum 'sharing event' at the end of our World Cup topic got off to a great start with some wonderful composing from two junior classes.

Year 6 treated us to the Samba Rhythms of Brazil and a detailed explanation of the structure of Samba music.

The natural sounds of the Brazilian Rainforest was the theme for Year 4's whole class composing with each instrument representing one of the variety of rainforest creatures.

History was re-enacted in Years 3 and 5 with children dressed in the costumes of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece explaining some of the sport and leisure activities of the periods- gladiators in Year 3 and Olympic events and theatre in Year 5.

Visitors saw a production line in action in Year 2 as the children demonstrated their sewing skills in the Teddy Tabard Factory. The whole process from design, making a pattern, cutting and sewing to the final product was on display.

Geography was the theme for Year 1 as the children shared their impressive knowledge of Brazil including clear explanations of the difference between human and natural features in the landscape.

Reception class shared a colourful exhibition of some of their world tour favourites. Visitors loved their didgeridoos, makarapa hats and some even managed a quick game of Blow Football!

A fantastic way of celebrating our learning and joining in with the World Cup events. Well done everyone.