Event - Beside the Seaside Afternoon

5 June 2014

In June we have an amazing whole school 'Exit Point' sharing of the whole school topic themed around 'Beside the Seaside'. Each year group had a specific curriculum focus from the foundation subjects upon which to develop knowledge, skills and understanding although the cross curricular aspect ensured that other areas of the curriculum were incorporated into each year group's topic planning.

Reception Class warmly welcomed older pupils to their classroom. They had experienced so many writing opportunities, for example, messages in bottles, pirate stories and writing on the recycled paper they had 'made'. Unfortunate visitors who didn't know how to behave were 'invited' to walk the plank!

They also had a go at making sun glasses, checking out the impact of different filters and sea creatures linked to all the lovely stories they had read.

Year 1 had a history focus and learnt about what seaside holidays were like in the past. They had written their own puppet play scripts linked to traditional stories like Punch and Judy.

They were able to perform their shows for their friends and made moving puppet characters.

When questioned, the thing that children constantly say about these 'sharing' events is that they are 'in charge' and they love finding out what other classes have been learning.

Year 3 contrasted two holiday locations – Weston-Super-Mare and Agadir, Year 4 practised their designing and making skills of levers with deckchairs and Year 5 looked at different habitats.

Year 6 were also designing – looking at suitable designs for flip-flops and then testing out their design ideas!