Event - Leaders of Learning Day

5 March 2014

In the spring term our whole school creative curriculum focus was 'leaders'.

As a Catholic school, we recognise Jesus as our leader but the children were challenged to think about different types of leaders across the world and how they too can lead and inspire by example. The whole school sharing of our 'Leaders' topic was a great success. Each year group had a main curriculum subject focus.

Reception Class started off the afternoon with their 'Follow the Leaders' musical composing. Some children danced like a Chinese Dragon to the fast and slow rhythms.


Year 1, 3 and 5 showed off their amazing art work with a variety of sculptures, collages, painting and sketching skills. The final 'sharing' afternoon was a great time to see how confident our pupils are at sharing their understanding as 'leaders of learning' as well as celebrating each other's gifts and talents


Year 2 were history detectives, dressed in Victorian costume to share their skills and knowledge about Florence Nightingale.


Year 4 shared their Design and Technology skills with their Pop up books about Tudor times and Queen Elizabeth I showing a variety of ways to make their books come alive.


Year 6 shared how they had used history skills to find out about famous leaders in recent history.