Event - A Visit from MP, Gisela Stuart

3 October 2013

On Thursday, 3rd October 2013, Our Lady of Fatima had a special visitor when the local MP for Edgbaston, Gisela Stuart, came to our school.

Gisela met the School Council and talked about what makes a good elected representative. Gisela talked about her job in Westminster and how she is involved in making laws that the whole country has to follow. She then answered questions, and there was so much to talk about that she ended up staying twice as long as she planned!

The School Council would like to thank her for giving up her time and for answering all of their questions so patiently!

Connor, School Councillor for Year 4, had this to say: "She answered all of our questions! She even made us laugh."

Maddie, another Year 4 Councillor, added that "She taught us a lot of new things."

Each year, all classes from Years 1 – 6 elect a boy and girl to represent their class on the School Council.

As part of Year 4's investigation into the local area, the MP also spoke to Year 4 pupils. The class had recently undertaken a visit of the local area to comment on the features, and they had lots of suggestions about how to improve the local area!

They asked Gisela to consider the improvements they suggested, and they will use their literacy skills to put all of their suggestion into a 'persuasive' letter, which they will send to their MP addressed to the House of Commons. As part of the project, Year 4 are also going to interview their parents about the changes in the local area that have happened over time, and they plan to plot some data on graphs using their mathematical skills.

Phoebe had this to say: "Our MP came in. She is a very important person. She is elected to look after the local area, including the children. When she came into our class, we asked her some questions. She could answer every single one. We asked her about her job and she said she made laws in parliament which everyone had to follow."

Our twelve School Councillors with Gisela Stuart.
Questions from the School Council.

Meeting Year 4.
Year 4 listen carefully to Gisela.