Event - Year 6 at the Film Awards

11 June 2015

Is there a person, a group or an organisation that has really inspired you? Have they made your life better or improved your local community? Have they changed Britain or had a big impact on the world? If you could thank them, what would you say?

Children in Year 6 had the opportunity to do just that when they put on their best clothes and took part in the 2015 Thank You Film Awards at the Odeon at Broadway Plaza on 11th June. The ceremony aimed to recognise and reward young people who show gratitude. People from all over the country and between the ages of 5 and 16 created a short film to say thank you to a person, organisation or group who have made life better in some way.

Children from Our Lady of Fatima School created a three minute film explaining how innovations such as Apple have changed the way the world works, and how the charity work of celebrities such as One Direction have had an impact on the developing world.

Three of our films were shortlisted for the final where children were able to watch their film on the big screen at the Odeon in town.

It was an enjoyable evening and the children were great ambassadors for the school.