Event - Fatima World Cup Football Tournaments

June/July 2014

To coincide with the World Cup 2014 Key Stge 1 and Reception Class held their own mini tournament. The knockout competition was played during 15 lunchtimes in June and July.

Argentina won our tournament with a thrilling 1-0 victory. The final game was played in front of an audience of 120 children.

Greece played a strong game with some great tackles and superb teamwork. Congratulations to the runners up. The exciting thing about worldwide sports events is the opportunity to find out more about other countries.

Children in Key Stage 2 at Our Lady of Fatima also took part in a World Cup themed football tournament. It was a great morning, in glorious weather, with all staff and children involved.

The children were assigned a country and five team mates had to work as part of a team to win their group games. After the group games, and results, points and goal difference were totalled up and the finals table announced!

The overall winners were Brazil (Year 5 and 6) and France (Year 3 and 4).