Event - Fatima-on-Sea

6 June 2014

We had explored the possibility of a whole school visit to the sea-side but in the end decided to bring the beach to Fatima! Our creative curriculum includes a 'wow' entry point and nothing could have prepared us for the Friday Fun our Key Stage 1 pupils had in our own school grounds!

Children came to school dressed for a day at the sea-side. It was a glorious sunny day and shoes and socks were rapidly abandoned as feet were cooled in the 'pool'.

In the coming weeks, children would learn about the history of the seaside resorts in Britain as well as stories and rhymes but today was a day of sheer fun and enjoyment. A puppet show was on hand as well as beach huts and tents for shade and quiet reading.

Most children wanted to take part in the sandcastle competition and there were plenty of buckets and spades available as well as shells to decorate their creations!