Event - Father Hudson Society Assembly

1 March 2013

On 1st March (St David's Day) Margo Scotford visited the school to talk to us about the work of the society.

This is important to us because every Lent, the 40 days before Easter, we enjoy raising money for the society as part of our preparation for Easter. This is called the 'Good Shepherd' appeal and links to the story from the gospels.

We take home our colourful Good Shepherd Appeal boxes so that we can put in the money we save during Lent.

Margo shared a prayer with us.
She told us how the society helps people who live in St Joseph's home in Coleshill.

She listened to our ideas about how to help others in need.
We liked the 'sheep' she brought with her, we know many stories about lost sheep.

Margo told us about younger families helped by the society.
She inspired us to work hard at our fundraising and we hope she will visit again.