Event - Election Fever

7 May 2015

The National Elections earlier this month inspired pupils at Our Lady of Fatima Primary to hold their own Mini Election showing British values of democracy and respect, our Gospel value of the month, in action.

Party candidates from Year 6 started the Election process two weeks before the big day to discuss their core values. Each pair decided on their key issues and showed how much they cared about each issue by giving Care Tokens. Each pair had a limit of 100 tokens to spend, which meant that they had to prioritise. The Environment, Schools, Hospitals and Care for Animals were high on the agenda of each Party:

After a gruelling week of canvassing support during their playtimes, May 7th arrived, and the candidates were given a final chance to explain their Party manifestos in a whole school Election Hustings. We saw politicians of the future who were able to explain and answer challenging questions from pupils.

Even the youngest pupils were fully engaged with the idea of voting for their favourite candidate and many were very aware of the National Election taking place on the same day.

There had been a 100% turn out of the electorate by the time the Polling Stations closed at 12.30pm. A team of officials counted the votes and the school gathered again at 3pm for the final results.

The Returning Officer gave his official speech, read the results and declared ‘The People’s Party’ the overall winners. Well done to all the candidates!


All the candidates.
The winners - The People's Party.