Event - Bridges to Schools Project

29 April 2013

On a cold but sunny morning the usual start to the school week was transformed for Years 5 and 6 by a team of professionals linked to the University of Birmingham Department of Civil Engineering and Interserve.

Dr Sterling, one of our own parents, had suggested the activity and we didn't need to be asked twice!

Following a safety talk and donned with high vis jackets and hard hats, pupils were ready to engage in the practical team task of building the suspension bridge in the playground.

The hard work and problem solving begins.
Working as a team made the job more enjoyable and we could share our ideas and thoughts.

We needed guidance from the experts!
We were able to demonstrate our co-operation skills.

Having two 'teams' made us competitive just like in the real world of work.
We began to understand the reasons for health and safety rules.

You can't work here if you aren't wearing a hard hat.
It was a great day and we were so pleased to take part in this project.

Year 6 tested the strength of the bridge with their special friends in Reception Class.
We hope the professionals enjoyed the experience as much as we did.