Meet the friendly staff of Our Lady of Fatima, as drawn by some of our talented children...

Mrs van Vliet

Mr Simmons

Mrs Lake

Mrs Zorescu

Mrs Levack

Mrs Workman

Mr T Smith

Miss Boulton

Miss O'Connell

Mrs Harlow

Mrs Iles

Mrs McGuinness

Mrs Darkaoui

Miss Deen

Mrs Homer

Mrs Liddy

Mrs Macklin

Mrs Rickerby

Mrs E Smith

Mrs Wakeman

Miss Walker

Mrs Billingham

Mrs Hayden

Mr S Rollason

Mrs K Rollason
Mrs Cameron

Miss Hill

Mr Hinton
Mrs Khatun

Mrs O'Brien

Mrs Smith

School Staff

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs C van Vliet Principal
Mr D Simmons Vice Principal
Mrs H Lake Reception Class Teacher
Mrs D Zorescu Year 1 Teacher
Mrs N Levack Year 2 Teacher
Mrs T Workman Year 3 Teacher
Mr T Smith Year 4 Teacher
Miss E Boulton Year 5 Teacher
Miss J O’Connell Year 6 Teacher
Mrs R Harlow Teacher and Inclusion Manager
Mrs E Iles PPA Support Teacher
Mrs J McGuinness PPA Support Teacher
Mrs S Darkaoui Teaching Assistant
Miss C Deen Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Homer Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Liddy Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Macklin Teaching Assistant and Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Rickerby Teaching Assistant and BASC Manager
Mrs E Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Wakeman Teaching Assistant
Miss H Walker Teaching Assistant and BASC Deputy Manager
Mrs C Billingham Senior Office Manager, Clerk to Academy Committee
Mrs C Hayden Office Manager
Mr S Rollason Building Services Manager
Mrs K Rollason Cleaner
Mrs A Cameron Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Hill Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr S Hinton BASC - Senior Playworker
Mrs A Khatun BASC - Senior Playworker
Mrs O'Brien Catering Supervisor
Mrs Smith Deputy Cook