Event - Year 6 Inspire Workshop

3 November 2015

On Tuesday 3rd November Year 6 invited their parents to come into school so that they could learn more about adopting a healthier lifestyle by choosing healthier breakfast options to eat.

Tesco employees from Quinton supplied all foods and led the workshop with Mr Bagwell. The workshop began with a factfile about the sugar content in various foods.

Year 6 then chose different fruits and yoghurts to add to breakfast cereals. There was a mixed reaction to this activity as the taste testing began. As soon as they tried their new breakfast cereal, Year 6 were given the option to design, make and then taste a fruit kebab as an alternative to cereal. This went down really well and many children expressed an interest in the fruit option. They tasted many fruits they had not tried before and shared in their feedback that they would select these alternative fruits when shopping in the future.

Hopefully Year 6 will continue to try out new foods so that they can make healthier decisions when helping their parents to prepare different choices for breakfast, which they all agreed, was the most important meal of the day.

A healthy breakfast makes a good start to learning for the day.