Event - Year 4 Inspire Workshop

22 September 2015

On Tuesday 22nd September Year 4 invited their parents to come into school so that they could learn more about adopting a healthier lifestyle by choosing healthier options to eat. Tesco employees from Quinton supplied all foods and led the workshop with Mrs Levack. The workshop began with a quiz about the sugar content in various drinks. It was agreed that the healthiest drink was pure water.

Year 4 then had to choose between making a healthy pasta salad, green salad or fruit salad. The children selected the foods to be added to their salad, they prepared and chopped the food items and then enjoyed tasting all the different foods.

During the final part of workshop children and parents tasted and evaluated various different breads, pittas and wraps.

Hopefully Year 4 will continue to try out new foods so that they can make healthier decisions when helping their parents to prepare picnics and packed lunches.