Event - Year 3 Inspire Workshop

29 September 2015

On Tuesday 29th September Year 3 worked alongside their parents to look at different ways of developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle by selecting a range of healthier food choices. Sonia and Sandra, employees from Tescos in Quinton supplied all foods and led the workshop with Mrs McGuinness.

Year 3 planned, designed and made healthy pizzas from scratch! But before they did, they discussed with their parents which pizza toppings they preferred and which toppings they might like to try.

The children mixed the pizza base using wholemeal flour, kneading the dough and shaping it creatively. After that the children added the tomato purée to the base before choosing healthy toppings. Finally they sprinkled grated cheese onto the pizzas before cooking them.

Whilst the pizzas were cooking during the final part of workshop the children and parents tasted and evaluated various different fruits.

Having experimented with adding different meats, vegetables and fruits as toppings, hopefully Year 3 will make these healthier choices when preparing their own pizzas at home!