Event - Year 2 Inspire Workshop

6 October 2015

On Tuesday 6th October Year 2 worked alongside their parents to look at different ways of developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle by selecting a range of healthier food choices. Sonia and Sandra, employees from Tescos in Quinton supplied all foods and led the workshop with Mrs Workman.

Year 2 planned, designed and made healthy sandwiches from a range of different breads, wraps and pittas. They were encouraged to choose ingredients that they don’t usually try so that they could explore a variety of different meats and salads. They also independently cut, sliced and spread the ingredients.

Parents were amazed that their children chose fillings that they don’t usually eat. There was enough time to make their mums and das a healthy sandwich for their lunch too.

Mrs van Vliet and Mr O’Connor were delighted when their lunch arrived, handmade by the children.