Event - Year 1 Inspire Workshop

20 October 2015

On Tuesday 20th October Year 1 had a fabulous time working with their parents looking at different ways of developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle by selecting a range of healthier food choices. Sonia and Sandra, employees from Tescos in Quinton supplied all foods and led the workshop with Miss O’Connell.

Year 1 planned and designed some fabulous animal sandwiches. They independently cut and shaped their bread and then considered different healthy toppings for their sandwiches, before slicing and sprinkling their choices on their sandwiches. It was encouraging to see that many children chose some toppings that they had not tasted before.

Following on from this Year 1 had the opportunity to make a fresh fruit dessert.

The children were encouraged to make a picture from the selection of fruit. Keeping the animal theme, some children made a sheep using bananas for the fleece and blueberries for eyes; others made an outdoor scene using tangerine slices for the sun, and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for flowers.

Apart from the fun that the children had making their healthy options, the children agreed that the best part was definitely eating what they had made!