Event - Reception's Inspire Workshop

13 October 2015

On Tuesday 13th October Reception Class invited their parents into school to help them to make a healthy pizza.

Mrs Lake spoke to the parents about the importance of offering their children healthier options by choosing different foods. They took part in a quiz and were amazed at the amount of sugar in some products.

The children then joined their parents and talked about the different toppings that were available for them to add to their pizza base. They spread tomato puree on their base, chose their toppings and then added grated cheese to the top of their pizza. They were so excited to watch Mrs O’Brien put all the pizzas in the ovens.

Thank you to Sandra and Sonia who donated their time and food products from Tescos. The children and parents thoroughly enjoyed spending time together in the workshop. They were equally delighted to receive a goody bag from Tescos.